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10 Acre Estate for sale in Channapetta- Kollam District

Land Details

Total Land:                                                                          9 Acre 77 cents


List of Trees:

Rubber trees                                                                      940

Pepper on trees (Climbers)                                          400

Tissue culture Teak trees                                              600

Coconut trees                                                                    35

5 different kinds of fruit trees

Jack Fruit trees                                                                  > 30 of which 20 suitable for timber


Overhead tank connected by pipes at present irrigation is in the area of Teak. This is available throughout with two wells giving continuous flow


Well fenced with stones + over that barbed wire- well protected.

Road facility:

Front approach and back approach. Front road is about 300 mts from tared road. There is inroad within the plot makes it accessible to all parts of the plot.


Al the center of this 10 acre land there is a beautiful environment friendly single stored house of 1800 square feet which gives an impression like a resort

Future scope:

Full land to be planted with tissue culture teak as our experiment proved that this land is is suitable for this plant. Sufficient rain and irrigation facility with ample water in the well. Tissue culture teak will be the ultimate aim of investment. All the above explanations are transparent.


A birds eye view of the plot is available with the below link

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