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686546 400 Sq Ft 4 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms 1 Garage 2019 Year Built

The house is situated in a beautiful site that allows the residents to experience the expansive greenery which the nature offers. It is a recently renovated house with modern furniture that provides the residents with eclectic comfort and happiness. The house is situated in an eco-friendly neighborhood which allows the resident to interact with a safe and secure mindset.

It also combines different facets, right from an eco-friendly building materials to the use of renewable energy sources and designs which strive for efficiency and harmony with the environment.
During rainy seasons, the safe atmosphere of the house provides security to the residents. The flowering beds and rose gardens along with the fruitful trees such as jack fruit and mango make it a place that instantly soothes your soul. The house is suitable for any type of residents ranging from college students to a mini family.
Due to the safer atmosphere which the house and the family members offers, the residents can live their lives with a peaceful and free heart.

The house is situated in an area where stealing, fighting etc are not common.

The house is situated in a place where, transportation facilities, hospital needs, educational systems and spiritual practices can be easily maintained.

Looking forward to welcoming residents that can maintain a respectful relationship with the owner and neighbors.


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